Being a REAL bitch…

In my life I have heard many times that I seem “unapproachable”, or that I “look mad all the time”, and/or any variant of these. I have what is jokingly call ‘bitchy resting face’; so what. I must admit, I don’t mind that it keeps people away from me some times. But alas… I’m not really miserable or unapproachable, or of the other assumptions – most of the time anyhow… I either have no expression on my face, or I’m concentrating. That’s all. Yet you have people who will smile right to your face while they are being a complete bitch. Somehow that smile makes them more approachable or what ever. Personally I’d rather look like I’m a bitch rather the actually being a REAL bitch. 😁


Pitfalls of being a night owl

I’m a night owl… always have been, probably always will be.  Because of this, I work second shift – 11:30-8pm. I am almost never driving at rush hour. So, on days like today, when it’s my day off, and I finally am awake enough to go do some much needed running around…. I hit rush hour traffic. I always forget that this hour of day is a disaster if one plans to go on the highway to anywhere. So, like a knuckle-head, I hop on the highway and… holy tail lights bat man!  I just chuckled to my self a little and turned up my tunes. And for a couple more giggles, ‘Slow ride’ by Foghat come on. Hahaha!  

Checking in

Hello there 🙂

Just checking in… I realize i have not done the last part of the Travel Mini Album video series.  It’s been a rather disrupted couple weeks here with me not being well, then my husband home when I am feeling well – and the living room/TV are right in the next room from my craft area.  Then today he had to have surgery, and i have a procedure coming up my self on Tuesday.  I’m going to try to get the final video done over the weekend… even if I have to record it, and do a voice over after hubby goes to bed 🙂

~ Sam

Graphic 45 Design Team Audition 2015

Project #1

This project is a baby album for a girl made for my sister-in-law

The paper is a mixture of 2 paper pads – colorbok, and i believe DCWV, I am unsure of the exact names of the pads.  This book is 6″x8″ and the insides are made out of file folders.  This is an original design.  The metallic parts are made with aluminum foil tape (made to be used on ducts) – the strips on the outside of the spine are punched with Martha Stewart’s ‘petal hearts’ around the page punch, the edging on the front and back cover are done with the Martha Stewart ‘rain drop’ edge punch.  The tags in the book are punched with the Martha Stewart ‘Garden Gate’ deep edge punch, and the butterflies are from the large monarch punch.  Each pocket has a tag numbered 1-6… one for each of the first 6 months.  The inside back cover has a pullout area with more pockets, tags and journaling spots.

Project #2

This project is a Man’s folio with an altered composition book.  It is 9×11″ in size.  The base of the folio is Kraft-tex so that it is sturdy, and will last for a long time.  The paper is Graphic 45 ‘A Proper Gentleman’.  It has a pocket on the inside front cover which contains 3 mini file folders.  It has a second pocket on the inside back cover witch the composition book slides into.  The flap that hold it shut uses magnets as the closure.  This is an original design.

mens folio 3edit mens folio 2edit

mens folio 1edit

Project #3

This project is an ATC (Artist trading card) made with paper from the Graphic 45 ‘By the sea’ collection.  This was a kit that came with several paper options, the trinket, twine, ribbon etc.  I don’t know what it was supposed to look like, but this is how i put it together. it is 2 1/2″x3″

618 617

Project #4

This project is a recipe album of my own design.  It uses Graphic 45 ‘Steampunk Spells’ paper line, and Tim Holtz ring binder.  It is 5″x7″

Project #5 (an extra)

This is a video of my take on a mini album i saw made in two different ways on 2 different You Tube channels – so i made a video of my spin on it and linked both ladies versions on it.  This uses Graphic 45’s ‘T’was the night before Christmas’ line of paper.  It is 5″x7″ and has tags and pockets with a magnet closure

Travel Mini part 5

Travel Mini Part 4

Travel Mini part 3